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Here is some information we hope you may find to be helpful in learning how to improve your chess:

Chess Clubs are essential to improvement from meeting various players and classroom instruction. We meet Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 PM at The Tampa Chess Centre @ Busch Commercial Plaza, 5035 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, Florida 33617. We have a lively group of beginners to experienced players of all ages. Every club member gets a detailed PGN file emailed to them of the games we go over on Thursday nights. Membership for our Thursday night chess club and enrichment classes is only $10 per visit for kids. We are willing to work out a custom package for you on a multiple month membership to encourage you to join us and fit within your budget. As a member of our Thursday night chess club, I will analyze a minimum of one game per month for free as part of your membership if you email it to me a few days in advance of our club nights.

Think Like A Grandmaster contains nearly all the rules of thumb and common errors in chess on a single page! It is the most important thing I have written for my students.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess is a fun paperback book you and your child may enjoy. It is an easy read as it is virtually all diagrams, and available at most book stores for $8 or on for $2.

There are many free and fun chess websites for children: Beginners may want to start with which is a fun site for beginners with videos. is another good site for beginners. Chess Kids Academy is loaded with features for kids that like to navigate many website choices. is a favorite site for eager advanced kids. Chess Tempo is a great free interactive site to improve your tactics, with 11,000 chess problems and puzzles.

Majestic Chess is an instructional and highly entertaining adventure game for the PC available at for $10. The music is terrific and not annoying, as are many video games.

Arena 3.0 is a nice database program to store, print, and email games to you in a PGN file to go over games at the click of a mouse. You may download it for free at Chessbase 11 is superb if you would like a more sophisticated program.

CT ART 3-0 is a free tactics demo for the PC which prompts you with clues to find the next right move. It's a bit complex at first, yet well worth it; available at

Searching For Bobby Fischer is a popular and enjoyable movie for the whole family. It is available in most any video store and is a fairly accurate depiction of what to expect at scholastic tournaments.

Chess Tournaments are the ultimate goal of playing chess. As an Official Affiliate of the United States Chess Federation, we sponsor tournaments on a regular basis and post local tournaments on our website. Chess Life lists all monthly rated US tournaments and you may find them at

Private Lessons are the BEST way to improve, especially as we analyze your notated games. My schedule is rather full although I am willing to accept special students. The fee is $55 for 1 ½ hours (I'm not a clock-watcher), with reasonable custom package discounts for multiple training sessions. Please let us know if you would like to try one and see if you feel any of these options will work for you. - Coach Mike

Tampa Chess Centre Club & Enrichment Classes by Hoffer's Chess Academy

Official Affiliate of the United States Chess Federation

Push Pawns Not Drugs! Say Yes 2 Chess!

Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30 PM Tampa Chess Centre @ Busch Commercial Plaza

5035 E. Busch Blvd., Suite 10, Tampa, Florida 33617 - (813) 526-2257 –

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