Tampa Bay Summer Open: Saturday, June 25

Saturday, June 25, Tampa Bay Summer Open

4SS, G/40. Perkins Family Restaurant, 5002 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33617. OPEN TO ALL. EF: $25 in advance and for HCA students, $30 on site. USCF Membership required. (You may join & pay at the site.) $$500 b/30: Prize distribution subject to category of entries (such as if 50% adults/kids) split equitably. Example of prizes: $150-90-60. K-12 90; K-6 60; K-3 50. Reg.: Sat., 6/25, 1:15-1:30 PM. Rds.: Rd. 1 at 1:45; Other rds. follow immediately. Adults welcome! Prizes awarded approx. 7:00 PM. Please bring your own clocks and sets if you have them. ENT: Michael Hoffer, 10801 Myrtle St., Tampa, FL 33617. INFO: Coach Mike 813-526-2257, mjh99us@yahoo.com.

Tampa Bay Summer Open DatesJune 25, July 23, August 27, 2011

PLEASE RSVP BY EMAIL IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND our chess tournament Sat., June 25, registration @ 1:15, Round 1 approx. @ 1:45. The entry fee is $25 by 6/22, $30 on site. USCF Membership is required for all rated tournaments. New or expired members may join for $16 (Age 12 and under; $23 includes subscription to Chess Life for Kids) or $20 (Age 15 and under; $27 includes subscription to Chess Life).

Everyone else in the Tampa Bay Area has shut down their tournaments for the summer (or longer) due to a lack of support. No more St. Pete, HillEl, or even Coach Taylor (except for his June 5 Mary Bryant).

We are still committed to providing our 4th Saturday of the month tournaments and Tuesday night chess club/classes at 5035 E. Busch Blvd. – if we get enough participants. Club is only $5 for adults per visit, $50 per month for kids with excellent instruction! We responded to your requests lengthening the time control, altering the prize structure, and electronic submission of rating reports. Our players have enjoyed the ability for father and son to participate in the same event. These tournaments have resulted in rating bonanzas for our younger players!

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