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Our players sometimes win trophies larger than the student! Pictured L-R: Nicholas Katz, Austin White, Coach Mike, & Alexander Katz who won the State Championship by 1.5 points with 8-0. Two weeks later he won the National Championship in Pittsburgh with another perfect score of 7-0!

The benefits of character building skills students received from our program include:

  • Better self-esteem
  • Paying more attention in class
  • Higher grades
  • Improved standardized testing
  • Better time management
  • Increased problem solving abilities
  • A sense of responsibility for one's actions
  • Developed concentration & use of logic
  • Enhanced imagination
  • Positive conflict resolution
  • Respect for others
  • Longer lasting friendships

Does your child enjoy creative activities? Enjoy playing with other children? Need a boost of confidence? Chess provides children with a chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and discover new interests. Our qualified and caring instructors will evaluate your children's abilities, analyze their games, and put them in a program designed especially for their needs.

WE COACH ALL AGES, 4-ADULTS! Each class starts with an interactive discussion led by our coaches using hands-on visual aids to analyze tactical ideas and recent games, followed by free play. All is done with the spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition, raising the level of the players and creating camaraderie. Our style of teaching has been described as "electric". Our students build an opening repertoire with emphasis on understanding THEMES, not just memorization! This leads to rapid improvement and pattern recognition. Tactics make chess fun and develop creativity. Each student receives a course workbook that is updated weekly.

Hoffer's Chess Academy started in August 1995 with a group of ADHD students at Roland Park Middle School. By that following December, we finished 3rd at the Nationals Chess Tournament in Syracuse, NY! More importantly, the principal loved how all of these kids suddenly began to get better grades, pay attention in class, and have improved self-esteem. We have experienced similar success stories ever since and in the process are pleased to have produced several National and State Champions!

Student's Name: __________________________________

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced: ___________________

Male___ Female___ Date of Birth ____/____/____ Grade Entering in 2010:__________

Father's Name: ___________________________________

Mother's Name: __________________________________

Cell # (___) _______________Home # (___) ______________


Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________

Terms of enrollment – Mail your entry today or join in progress at any time – call first!

Per month: $50 + $25 one-time fee for course materials ($75 to enroll)
Six month membership: $245 + FREE course materials (fee waived)
50% discount for additional siblings
Please make all checks payable to: MICHAEL HOFFER, 10801 Myrtle St., Tampa, FL 33617
www.Yes2Chess.com (813) 526-2257
Official Affiliate of the United States Chess Federation
Tampa Bay's Home of Champions!

We started with this team of novices and 4 months later won huge trophies at Nationals and then here at the State Championships. Not everyone in this picture played for Roland Park, yet they all belonged to our Tampa Chess Club. In the front row are Amanda Hoffer, Chris Hoffer, Lydia Pendino. Holding the trophy are Greg Anglen, Ramsey Neville, & Lazaro Lopez (in the shades). Travis Sapp is wearing the cap. Jimmy Fulp is mid-back row wearing an Orlando Magic shirt. Coach Mike stands at the upper right hand side.

Birthday celebration at our chess club on February 15, 2011

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