Start a Chess Club at your School earning $$$ for both YOU and your School!

We are offering a way for teachers, coaches, and After School Enrichment Programs to create successful and profitable chess classes by using our National Championship program.

With our DVDs, you may designate yourself or anyone else to babysit the remainder of the class after showing our weekly DVDs (with the hard copy lesson plan) during free play time among the students with chess sets, demonstration board, & score sheets (chess clocks are optional) we can provide for you.

We offer a choice between $100 per month or $795 for the entire school year of 36 lessons. These fees were determined from a basis of $25 for each DVD, which includes a hardcopy of each lesson on disk. We offer a business plan and additional support via telephone or Internet, including monthly analysis of one of your games. There is an additional $25 one time fee if you would like a copy of our informative and colorful course workbook, which you may easily recoup by selling it to each student in your class. From our experience, you may average 20 students per class with the parents paying $50 per month for a 2 hour weekly class. Parents will be interested how the University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Texas Brownsville, Texas Tech, and University of Texas Dallas made the Final Four of the recent National Collegiate Team Chess Championship and they offer scholarships.

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