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Our players sometimes win trophies larger than the student! Pictured L-R: Nicholas Katz, Austin White, Coach Mike, & Alexander Katz who won the State Championship by 1.5 points with 8-0. Two weeks later he won the National Championship in Pittsburgh with another perfect score of 7-0!
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Many parents and students ask me, "How can I help my child get better at chess?" Click above on 'How to Improve' and read our message to 'Parents & Students'.

Our academy was founded by an experienced chess coach, international journalist/analyst, and undefeated correspondence champion. Our highly-trained and entertaining staff is available for classes, clubs, enrichment programs,  summer camps, private lessons, tournaments, and simultaneous exhibitions.

If you make the right moves, you get the right results. You can do anything you want if you stop and think. Successful people learn how to use their minds. They are patient and delay instant gratification. At Hoffer's Chess Academy we cultivate great minds, and along the way, create great memories!

We specialize in opening and tournament preparation, and instructive DVDs for schools with business & lesson plans. Please click above on 'Chess Clubs' or 'Chess Videos'.

There is plenty to do on this site if you look for it! You may enjoy our 'Photo Gallery'. Under 'Chess History', we have some of my personal interviews and stories about World Champions Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, and the late Vasily Smyslov. As an undefeated correspondence champion, my forte is openings and analysis (which have appeared in New In Chess Yearbook), everything from scholastic games to my own games with titled players.

You may use this site to go just as far as you like with your chess experience. We also have instructive DVDs for teachers and schools, aiming at chess enrichment or after school programs. We provide them everything they need, including the equipment. The idea is to pop in our entertaining and proven National Championship program DVD, answer any questions with the hard copy lesson plan we provide, along with a business plan to show the teacher or school how this will bring them substantial income with our Internet and phone support while their students learn how to play quality chess.

Very soon we will be adding concise and inexpensive opening videos you may buy and download from our website. Meanwhile, everyone seems to like the video of my simultaneous exhibition. Just click below:

Please click here for video of Coach Mike Hoffer's 21 board Simultaneous Exhibition

Testimonials about the Coach

Coach Mike's style of teaching has been described as "electric". Our students build a tactical opening repertoire with emphasis on understanding THEMES, not just memorization! This leads to rapid improvement and pattern recognition. Tactics make chess fun and develop creativity. Scientific studies show studying chess has many benefits: better grades, time management, improved study habits, critical thinking and problem solving, increased self-esteem, and teaching responsibility for one's actions.

Former Students

We have coached several State and National Champions since 1994. In August 1995, we coached a group of ADHD novice students at Roland Park Middle School. By that December, we finished 3rd at Nationals in Syracuse, NY! More importantly, the principal loved how all of these kids suddenly began to get better grades, paying attention in class, and had improved self-esteem. We have experienced similar success stories ever since and in the process are pleased to have contributed to the careers of the following National and State Champions:

Truman Hoang - 2015 National K-9 Grade Champion
  2015 National Junior High School Co-Champion K-8
  2014 & 2015 Florida State K-8 Scholastic Champion.
  2nd place at Grade Nationals 2013 (K-7) & 2014 (K-8).
  2nd place at SuperNationals 2013, K-6.
  2011 National Youth Action Team Champion.
Roshan Jayaraman - 2012 Florida State Champion K-5, 2011 National Youth Action Team Champion.
Alexander Katz - 2004 National Champion K-1, 2004 Florida State Champion K-1, 2005 New Jersey State Champion K-3, 2006 New Jersey Elementary Champion (=3rd), 2006 New Jersey High School Champion Sec. 3 (=1st), 2008 New Jersey High School Champion Sec. 3 (=2nd), 2008 New Jersey State Champion K-6, New Jersey State Junior Champion (=4th), 2009 National Chess Congress (=5th), 2010 Marshall Chess Club May U2300 (1st).
Goran Markovic – 1999 Florida State Champion K-12, 2000 Florida State Champion K-12.
Brian Hoffer – 2004 Top 50 United States Under 13.
Leonid Kozhukh – 1994 National Champion K-2 (2nd), 1995 Florida State Champion K-3 (=1st), 1995 National Champion K-3 (2nd), 1996 Florida State Champion K-3 (2nd).
Julia Kozhukh – 1995 Florida State Champion K-5 (=1st), 1995 National Champion K-5 (=6th), 1997 Florida State Champion K-6 (=2nd).
David Jacobs – 1995 Florida State Champion K-3 (=1st), 1998 Florida State Champion K-3 (=1st), 2000 Florida State Champion K-9, 2003 Florida State Champion K-12 (=1st), 2004 US Armed Forces Champion (=1st), 2005 US Armed Forces Champion, 2006 US Armed Forces Champion, 2007 US Armed Forces Championship (2nd).
Stephen Crookston – 1995 Florida State Champion K-5 (=5th), 1995 National (=7th), 1996 Florida State Champion K-8 (=2nd), 2009 World Open U1600 (=4th).
Nicholas Crookston – 1994 National K-2 (5th).
W. Jimmy Fulp – 1999 Florida State U1800 Champion (1st).
Nicholas Katz – 2005 New Jersey State Champion K-2 (=5th).
Roland Park Middle School – 1995 National K-5 (3rd).

Coach's Titles

1989 TCC North American Champion. Undefeated correspondence record with 61 wins & 9 draws. Won clear first place in all ten events in which he participated.

Victories Over Titled Players

GMs: Slim Bouaziz, Gildardo Garcia, Leon Gofstein, Alexander Goldin, Yehuda Gruenfeld, Julian Radulski, Enrique Rodriguez, Goran M. Todorovic. IMs: Saad Belouadah, Saevar Bjarnason, Kai Bjerring, Jozef Boey, Bogdan Borsos, Ronald Burnett, Aleksander Czerwonski, Rui Damaso, Andrei Deev, Andreas Diermair, Rafael Espinosa, Francesco De Gleria, Abdul Hameed El Arousy, Youssef El Ghazali, Tarek Fatin, Fabian Fiorito, Logman Guliev, Maher Himdan, Mejdi Kaabi, Raymond Kaufman, Eduard Kolesnik, Arnd Lauber, Georgious Makropoulous, Alexey Maly, Antonio Martorelli, Zoran Mijailovic, Milan Novkovic, Ganbold Odondoo, Thomas Oparaugo, Georgy Orlov, Panayotis Pandavos, Malcolm Pein, Gert Pieterse, Marcelo Playa, Danilo Polajzer, Alex Reprintsev, Petronio Roca, Walaa Sarwat, Samuel Schweber, S.P. Sethuraman, Vytautas Slapikas, Timothy Taylor, Dragan Tesic, Pablo Toloza, Bosko Tomic, Christian Toth, Geert Van der Stricht.

World-Wide Journalism & Published Analysis

New In Chess Yearbook (Games and analysis), The Chess Connection (Chief columnist & games editor), Chess International, The Chess Correspondent, Florida Chess News. Chess Life's Alex Dunne proclaimed Hoffer & Yasser Seirawan as the top two analysts/chess journalists in America. Received critical acclaim for his interview with former World Champion Boris Spassky.

We started with this team of novices and 4 months later won huge trophies at Nationals and then here at the State Championships. Not everyone in this picture played for Roland Park, yet they all belonged to our Tampa Chess Club. In the front row are Amanda Hoffer, Chris Hoffer, Lydia Pendino. Holding the trophy are Greg Anglen, Ramsey Neville, & Lazaro Lopez (in the shades). Travis Sapp is wearing the cap. Jimmy Fulp is mid-back row wearing an Orlando Magic shirt. Coach Mike stands at the upper right hand side.

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