Chess & Technology Seminar
with Truman Hoang & Roshan Jayaraman

Sponsored by
Home of the “Choose Your Moves and Win” contests (patent pending)

Senior Advisor Garry Kasparov

July 30 & 31 from 10-3 followed by live broadcast 3-7 pm

Conducted by Yes2Chess

Tampa Chess Centre
Busch Commercial Plaza
5035 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa, 33617

• Using today's technological resources to become a strong player!
• How to build a dynamic Opening repertoire
• Endgame preparation
• Lecture & Simultaneous Exhibition by Back-to-back US Champ K-9 Truman Hoang
• Lecture & Simultaneous Exhibition by Former State Champ Roshan Jayaraman
• Guest Appearances by Grandmaster Irina Krush, Sanjay Giri, & others

The Chess & Technology Seminar in Tampa, FL July 30 & 31 conducted by Yes2Chess will be the first chess classes introducing recent technological advances to educate young chess players. This camp will include education in the use of one of the most innovative websites devoted to chess, and its patent-pending revolutionary "Choose Your Moves and Win" social gaming and educational platform offers to professional and amateur chess players alike a unique and exciting way to learn and enjoy the game of chess – by giving them tools to participate directly in high quality master games in an immersive, never before seen experience.

Competing against your fellow spectators for prizes, you will watch live grand master games, see hints (the top 3 moves selected by one of the strongest chess engines) and listen to expert commentary. Our experts will help you understand each position. You will predict how the games will play out by declaring what you think will be the next move played in each position. You will be able to win serious prizes by making correct predictions! Furthermore, when each game ends you will be able to participate in a live analysis of the game conducted by our expert commentators, along with both of the players. Whoever wins the most "Crowns" (our special currency) will win cash prizes in every game, as well as for the best results each month.

These very special 2-day seminars will be held under the supervision of professional chess coaches including 2 full nine hour days of the highest quality instruction, supervision, and lunch.

10 AM - 12 AM: Simultaneous exhibition followed chess instruction tailored to the level of each participant.
12 AM - 1 PM: Introduction to and its "Choose Your Moves and Win" contests.
1 PM - 2 PM: Head-to-head competition (online tournament optional).
2 PM - 2:45 PM: Lunch
3 PM - 7 PM: Live "Choose Your Moves and Win" contests with cash Prizes!

All participants should bring their own lap top computers or iPads.
Internet connection, lunch and supervision are provided.

$60 per day at the event or $110 for both days 7/30 & 31

Includes 2 full (9 hours) days of the highest quality instruction, supervision and lunch.

LIMITED TIME Early bird discount available online:
$50 per day or $90 for both days

Register NOW via PayPal before the event is sold out!

Left: At the Florida State Scholastic Championship 2015, Truman won 1st place individual K-8.
Middle: Williams IB Middle Magnet School won 1st place team K-8.
Team photo from left to right: Truman Hoang, Aarush Prasad, Roshan Jayaraman, Ojas Kalia.
Right: Roshan & Truman at FL West Regionals, 2016



Chess Camp with Truman & Roshan
Sat. & Sun., July 30 & 31 from 10 am - 7 pm:
Class from 10 am - 3 pm followed by Live Internet Broadcast 3-7 pm ($50 per day or $90 for both days)
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Chess Camp with Truman & Roshan
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